Quality Policy

With the quality policy, which is part of the company policy, the company management undertakes to follow the company’s vision and reach the set goals in accordance with the strategic guidelines. Thereby it will implement the company’s culture, which is based on quality, commitment to continuous improvement, risk management, information protection, employee and environmental protection, as well as investment in employees ensuring their engagement and satisfaction thanks to work-life balance.

With the documented system and implementation of quality system demands, we fulfil the criteria for the ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17020 and ISO/IEC 17025 standards.

Our Management is commited to:

  • monitor industry development in Slovenia and abroad and adapt to the market conditions and try to remain competitive;
  • enable professional and personal development of employees and offer them social security;
  • maintain liquidity with rational and economical management;
  • maintain and elevate the company’s reputation;
  • follow the adopted quality policy with the adopted measures and own example, to implement it on all organisational levels and to test its suitability;
  • maintain the integrity of the management system, independent from change planning and implementation;
  • inform the entire stuff subject to activities which are covered by the stated standards about the documentation on the quality system;
  • ensure suitable communication and information availability to employees;
  • regularly test the effectiveness and working of the implemented quality system in practice (implementation of internal judgement) and therefore continuously improve the quality system and the company’s performance;
  • regularly notify and inform the employees about the importance of meeting customer needs and goals;
  • encourage a processing approach, improvements and the risk assessment process;
  • provide the necessary resources (financial resources, personnel and equipment) for process implementation;
  • motivate and reward employees and thus encourage the sense of belonging to the company (leadership);
  • encourage and motivate the employees towards an independent and responsible activities management;
  • present a management evaluation once a year, including the evaluation of customer satisfaction, and take measures in case of expressed dissatisfaction;
  • maintain the living environment and health of the employees.