Dosing system for herbals and teas

This small-batch dosing system is ideal for laboratories looking for an upgrade to manual filling.
Dosing system for herbals and teas

Herbal mixtures are challenging to dose because of uneven particle shape and their separation during mixing/feeding. This might affect the quality of the end product.

In collaboration with a local pharmaceutical laboratory, we tested our prototype with several different herbal mixtures. Our aim was to tackle two issues – how to avoid particle separation and how to design the system in a way that will make a hopper and feeding tray easy to dismantle.

We developed a solution that guarantees an even product flow without particle separation. Batches are thus filled quickly, evenly, and accurately. A clip-on mechanism on the hopper and feeder allows effortless dismantling – no tools are needed. The dispenser is suitable for dispensing various teas and herbal mixtures.

Watch a video demonstration here.

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