Closed Conduit Flow Meters

  • Mass of flowing liquid (1 – 1500 kg)
  • Volume of flowing liquid (1 – 1500 L)
  • Volumetric flow of water (180 – 8000 L/h)

For flow meters of cross section up to DN200, water is used as the calibration medium. The flow rate of the mass flow and liquid volume is measured under the internal procedure in accordance with the ISO 4185 standard. Liquid volumetric flow rate is determined according to the comparative method, with a consecutively bound referential measuring instrument.

Open-Channel Flow Meters

  • Volume of flowing liquid (1,8 – 45 m³)

The calibration of open-channel flow meters, which measure the flow rate with the Doppler method, is performed according to the comparative method with a referential flow rate meter. The measurement is performed in the open channel with a cross section of DN382, where water is used as calibration medium.

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